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ClientSessionChannel - SetExitHandler, OnExitSignal, OnExitStatus


__cdecl FlowSshC_ClientSessionChannel_SetExitHandler(
  FlowSshC_ClientSessionChannel* channel,
  FlowSshC_ExitHandler handler,
  void* handlerData);


[ClientSessionChannel] virtual void OnExitSignal(ExitSignal const& signal);
[ClientSessionChannel] virtual void OnExitStatus(FlowSshC_ExitStatus const& status);


[ClientSessionChannel] public event ExitSignalEventHandler OnExitSignal;
[ClientSessionChannel] public event ExitStatusEventHandler OnExitStatus;

[C] Parameters

[Cpp/Net] Overrides and Events

  • OnExitSignal: Invoked when the remote application terminates because of a signal.
  • OnExitStatus: Invoked when the remote application terminates.


Mostly, OnExitSignal and OnExitStatus are used in combination with the [ClientSessionChannel]ExecRequest method.