Loopback Adapter file share tunneling: NT4

The following instructions document how the Microsoft Loopback Adapter can be installed and configured for use with file share tunneling on Windows NT4:

  1. Open Start, Settings, Control Panel, Network.
  2. Switch to the Adapters tab, then click 'Add...'
  3. Leave the default '802.3' Frame Type and click OK. (802.3 is CSMA/CD - ETHERNET.)
  4. A 'Windows NT Setup' dialog will pop up saying that the Windows NT4 CD is required. Insert the CD and click Continue.
  5. Once back in Network properties, switch to the Bindings tab.
  6. Change 'Show bindings for:' to 'all adapters'.
  7. Open the newly created adapter tree (should contain names as '[N] Loopback Adapter', where N is the order number).
  8. Disable everything except 'TCP/IP Protocol' in the subtree.
  9. Switch to the Protocols tab.
  10. A 'Network Settings Change' dialog pops up. Click Yes to save changes.
  11. The 'Microsoft TCP/IP Properties' dialog opens. Change 'Adapter:' to the newly created adapter (should be '[N] MS Loopback Adapter').
  12. Select 'Specify an IP address' and fill in the 'IP address:' and 'Subnet mask:' fields (e.g.,
  13. Click OK to close 'Microsoft TCP/IP Properties'.
  14. Click Close to close Network.
  15. Restart the computer so that the new settings will take effect.

If you later want to uninstall the Microsoft Loopback Adapter (once it is not needed any more for the forwarding of a Windows file share), you can uninstall it in Control Panel > Network > Adapters.