The Crypto++ User's Guide

Provided here is an introductory Crypto++ User's Guide for new to intermediate users of Crypto++. The guide primarily aims to introduce the reader to the overall Crypto++ design, which is critical for elegant and efficient use of the library.

Download: CryptoPPGuide.chm


  • You may want to download the guide with something other than Internet Explorer. IE on Windows XP SP2 will block the CHM file after downloading, even if you confirm you want to open it. You can unblock it by finding it on the hard drive in Windows Explorer, then right click, Properties, Unblock. Thanks to Craig Anderson for this solution.
  • The guide's examples were written for Crypto++ version 4. The essentials in Crypto++ 5 are the same, but the syntax is different in many ways.
  • The guide is only available in Microsoft CHM (Compiled HTML Help) format. At this time, there are no plans to make the guide available in other formats.