Sample Applications

The FlowSsh package contains several sample applications covering multiple types of use and programming languages:

  • Exec Requests
    Command line application that enables you to open a shell or execute an application remotely. You can also allocate a PTY (pseudo terminal).
    C - FlowSshC_Exec
    C++ - FlowSshCpp_Exec
    C# - FlowSshNet_Exec
  • Public Key Authentication
    A variation on FlowSshNet_Exec which simply demonstrates how to support public key authentication in addition to password authentication.
    C# - FlowSshNet_PubKeyAuth
  • Key Management
    Command line application for key management. Enables you to create public-keys and private-keys in various formats, with or without a passphrase.
    C++ - FlowSshCpp_Keys
  • SFTP
    Command line application. Enables you to securely upload or download a file. The command line syntax is that of SCP, but the transfer is performed with SFTP.
    C - FlowSshC_Sftp
    C++ - FlowSshCpp_Sftp
    C# - FlowSshNet_Sftp
    MFC based GUI application. It incorporates all kinds of SFTP functionality and demonstrates the usage of FlowSshCpp in GUI based applications.
    C++ - FlowSshCpp_SftpGui
  • Tunneling
    Command line application that demonstrates the use of port forwarding (tunneling).
    C - FlowSshC_Tnl
    Visual Basic - FlowSshNet_VbTnl