How purchasing our software works

Purchasing the right to use our products is different from purchasing a product at a store. We do not ship any boxes or CDs. Instead, what you purchase is the right to use one or more products according to their license terms. To facilitate your exercising of this right, we send you an electronic token, called an activation code, which allows you to use our software in accordance with the rights you purchased.

Download and evaluate first

Before you purchase our software, download it and evaluate it to see if it works right for you. Bitvise SSH Server can be evaluated free of charge for a period of up to 30 days, while our SSH Client is free to use. If you decide to purchase our software without having made the download, you will need to download after your purchase is made. The paid-for version is the same as the evaluation one. Any time limit is removed by applying the activation code you get after your purchase.

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Payment methods:
Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, Bank/Wire Transfer, Check, Cash

If you are a reseller: read our reseller policy
If you are an end customer seeking a local reseller: learn about choosing a reseller.

Bitvise does not handle your order

We are a small company that specializes in software development; we do not have the infrastructure to process orders. Your order will be processed by Cleverbridge, which is a German company that specializes in order processing and operates our web store. Cleverbridge will receive your payment, send your invoice, and handle all issues related to individual order processing.

Cleverbridge offers their own separate support for order-processing related inquiries. Their response time will generally be faster than ours. However, we want to hear from you if you find their customer support wanting.

Online payment is much faster, and is secure

If you pay by credit card, you can go from download to activation in minutes. If you pay by a different method, the time to activation depends on how long it takes the payment to be processed.