Bitvise Reseller Policy

Our pricing is the same for all customers, whether they are resellers or end users.

Customers who prefer to purchase through a reseller generally do so because this service is useful to them. We think it is therefore appropriate for the reseller to charge the customer an additional fee, on top of the cost of the license.

When multiple resellers contact us for a quote on the same item, we will quote the same price to all who inquire. The prices quoted are the same as those published on our website.

How to Order as a Reseller

If you are a reseller making an occasional purchase on behalf of a customer:

  1. Start at our purchase page and follow the purchase process as if you were the end customer.
  2. In the order process, provide your own email address. No invoice or pricing information will then be sent to the customer.
  3. When you receive notification that your order was processed, simply keep the invoice for your records, and forward activation information to your customer.

Resellers must not use activation links themselves. All activation information resulting from your order must be forwarded as-is to a technical contact of the customer.