Portable SSH Client

As available from our website, Bitvise SSH Client (Tunnelier) supports command-line parameters that control how it uses the Windows registry (the -noRegistry and -baseRegistry parameters). This can be used when special control over registry usage, or no registry usage whatsoever is required.

Some of our users have taken this to the next level and created their own Tunnelier distributions intended for easy portable use from a USB key:

  • Danny Mensingh created BitviseSSHClientPortable based on the PortableApps format.
  • Shaun Hedrick created Tunnelier U3 based on the U3 format, which format has since been discontinued.

Please note that these Tunnelier packages are released by people and organizations not affiliated with Bitvise. Bitvise did not necessarily test the most current releases of these packages. If you experience any problems using a third-party Tunnelier distribution, please let us know.


Bitvise SSH Client can normally be used free of charge if it is used by less than 5 people and on less than 5 machines in an organizational department. The restriction to the number of machines does not apply when the SSH client is used interactively from a flash drive as a portable application. When used interactively as a portable application, Bitvise SSH Client (Tunnelier) can be used free of charge if it is used by less than 5 people in an organizational department.