Bitvise SSH Client License Terms

End User License Agreement. Before downloading or purchasing, you must read and agree with the terms of our Bitvise SSH Client End User License Agreement. Click the link to open it and read it. If you disagree, you must not download or purchase Bitvise SSH Client; if you have already downloaded it, you must destroy all copies.

Summary. Bitvise SSH Client is free for individual use. When a right of use has not been purchased, Bitvise SSH Client can be used by up to 4 people and on up to 4 machines in a single environment such as an organizational department or a family residence. An expanded license must be purchased for environments where use exceeds the limits of free use. When an expanded license is purchased for an environment, the purchase sets, or subsequently adds to, the maximum number of simultaneous installations and users permitted for that environment. An expanded license is permanent and, unless extended, applies to all Bitvise SSH Client versions published by Bitvise within 12 months of your purchase.

Support and Upgrades. Upgrades and technical support for the Bitvise SSH Client rights purchased are free for up to 12 months after your purchase. Subsequent support and upgrades are available annually at 20% of the current price for the usage rights you own.

Activation. In the currently released Bitvise SSH Client version, applying a license code is not necessary for the SSH client to work. A license code is obtained by purchasing an expanded license. Applying the license code is a way to advertise that such rights have been purchased. Applying a license code to Bitvise SSH Client installations that exceed the purchased rights of use does not legalize the use of such unpaid-for installations.