Bitvise SSH Client License Terms

End User License Agreement. Before downloading, you must read and agree with the terms of our Bitvise SSH Client End User License Agreement. Click the link to open it and read it. If you disagree, you must not download or use Bitvise SSH Client; if you have already downloaded it, you must destroy all copies.

Summary. Bitvise SSH Client can be used free of charge, in all types of environments, without limitation. We extend this permission retroactively to older versions, including versions 6.xx, which were originally released under different terms.

It remains possible to purchase Bitvise SSH Client licenses. A purchased SSH Client license includes slightly stronger support and upgrade commitments; and includes indemnification, which a free license does not convey.

Optional purchased licenses are priced at USD 39.95 before taxes (if any). Each license covers either one interactive user, who may use the SSH Client on multiple computers; or use on one concurrent Windows installation, which may be used by multiple users. Large-scale licenses are also available. If you would like to purchase a license, contact us.