Bitvise SSH Client Pricing

Bitvise SSH Client is free for individual use. However, a right of use must be purchased for environments where usage exceeds the limits of free use set forth in SSH Client License Terms.

When a right of use is purchased for an environment, the first purchase sets, and any subsequent purchases add to, the maximum number of SSH Client usage units (installations and/or users) that are permitted in that environment.

When a right of use has not been purchased for an environment (e.g. organizational department), the maximum permitted number of SSH Client installations or users is 4.

Example: when 7 SSH Client licenses are first purchased, this allows an organization to use Bitvise SSH Client on up to 7 machines or by up to 7 people. A subsequent purchase of an additional 3 licenses raises the limit to 10. An initial purchase of less than 5 licenses does not make sense, because up to 4 machines or users are free. However, a subsequent purchase of 1-4 licenses does make sense, since it adds to the number of licensed machines/users previously purchased.

Please consult the SSH Client License Terms page for the SSH Client EULA where the terms are more specifically defined.

Current Bitvise SSH Client pricing according to volume and category:

License type      Price
Per installation/user$44.95
Site License$5,000
Worldwide Internal Use License$12,500
Unlimited Project License$12,500
Large Worldwide Internal and External Use License$20,000

Prices are in US Dollars, and do not include sales tax or VAT. Such taxes may apply in addition, depending on where the order is placed from.

Per-usage-unit licenses can be purchased through our web store. For site and worldwide licenses, please contact us and we will provide instructions.

We do not offer discounts of any kind, to end users or resellers. We make exceptions only for large-scale users for whom none of the provided license options work, and where license payments are to exceed $10,000 per annum.

If you need to purchase through a reseller, see Choosing a Reseller. If you are reseller looking for more information, see Reseller Policy.