Bitvise SSH Server Remote Control Panel

WRC is an add-on for Bitvise SSH Client that allows clients to remotely administer Bitvise SSH Server directly through the SSH Client user interface.

A major SSH Server feature, delegated administration, is supported only through the Remote Control Panel. A full administrator can use Advanced SSH Server settings (configured locally or remotely) to grant limited settings access to specific Windows or virtual accounts. Those accounts can log in using Bitvise SSH Client and use the Remote Control Panel feature to create or edit virtual accounts and take other actions that may be allowed by delegated access.

For full administrators, an alternate way of remotely administering Bitvise SSH Server that does not require WRC is to log into the server using Remote Desktop - e.g. using our SSH Client's "Open New Remote Desktop" button. The WRC can be more convenient, and suitable if Remote Desktop is not available.


Bitvise SSH Client comes with a range of WRC versions already included. With recent SSH Server and SSH Client versions, there is no need to install WRC separately.

Each WRC version supports a specific range of SSH Server versions. Multiple WRC add-ons can be downloaded and installed concurrently, so that the same version of the SSH Client can be used to administer distinct SSH Server versions.

The following WRC versions are available:

  • WRC 9.15 (5.3 MB, build 9.27): For use with Bitvise SSH Server 9.16 and newer.
  • WRC 9.12 (5.2 MB, build 9.12): For use with Bitvise SSH Server 9.12 to 9.14.
  • WRC 8.15 (4.7 MB, build 8.44): For use with Bitvise SSH Server 8.15 to 8.49.
  • WRC 7.21 (2.9 MB, c:d4c6): For use with Bitvise SSH Server 7.21 to 7.46.
  • WRC 7.12 (2.7 MB, c:1c95): For use with Bitvise SSH Server 7.12 to 7.16.
  • WRC 6.45 (2.3 MB, c:2561): For use with Bitvise SSH Server 6.45 to 6.51.
  • WRC 6.41 (2.3 MB, c:0df8): For use with Bitvise SSH Server 6.41 to 6.44.

Our installers are cryptographically signed. Our most recent installers use an Extended Validation digital certificate from DigiCert. Here is how to verify. Do not run installers for Bitvise software that do not carry a valid digital signature by Bitvise.

Older versions

WRC addons for Bitvise SSH Server versions older than listed are discontinued. Users of SSH Server versions before 6.51 should upgrade at least to version 6.51, though using a more recent version is recommended. Version 6.51 fixes one or more security issues present in earlier versions. It contains an upgrade amnesty which allows version 6.51 to be used with all licenses that were valid for previous 5.xx and 6.xx versions.