Technical Support

You can always contact us with questions about our software.

Before you write, make sure to check our online resources for a solution. For Bitvise SSH Server, some of the most commonly useful resources are:

If you have searched and not found a solution, please contact us.

Let us know your experiences and observations from attempting to solve your problem. Your feedback will help us improve our software, the information on our website, or both.

Licensing and Activation

Log in to our online activation interface for your activation code, upgrades, or an overview of your licenses.

Please contact us with any activation or licensing inquiry which is not answered well enough on our website.

General Queries

Potential resellers, please read our Reseller Policy.

If you have questions about general company matters, contact us.

Response Time

We try to respond to all inquiries within one business day.

If you submitted a case, but have not received a response in multiple days, it could be that:

  1. We did reply, but our reply was sorted as junk mail. Check your spam folders to be sure.
  2. We did reply, but our reply was silently discarded by your email system. In this case, please submit your inquiry again. Use a different email that is more likely to preserve our response.
  3. The inquiry might have included no email address. If this could be the case, please submit your inquiry again. Make sure to provide an email address.
  4. Finally, we might have dropped the ball. It has happened. In this case, we humbly apologize, and request that you submit your inquiry again.

Please, No Telephone! :)

We greatly prefer to handle issues by email, and not by telephone. This is not because we want to avoid you! We welcome and appreciate feedback and inquiries. However, we are a small company whose goal is to develop high quality software that does not need support. Inquiries are therefore handled more or less directly by developers, and our productivity is impacted when we must handle support issues in real time.

In cases of urgency, you can reach denis bider on his personal mobile. He can be reached at +506 8315 6519, but availability varies. For customers in the US, please note that this is an international number. Use this for emergencies only.

Company Address

Bitvise Limited is a Gibraltar company registered under incorporation number 90668. Our registered address is Suites 41/42, Victoria House, 26 Main Street, Gibraltar. We are a small company of professional developers who work from our individual home offices in Slovenia, Germany, Hungary, and Costa Rica. See also About us for more information.