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Purchase a license for Bitvise SSH Server installations, or expand my previously purchased right of use by that number of installations.

The cost of SSH Server licenses is USD 99.95 each. Sales tax or VAT may apply in addition.

Our SSH Server is a Windows program that a server administrator will set up to handle incoming connections from SSH clients. It is not used for outgoing SSH connections.

See also: SSH Server License, SSH Server Pricing.

Desired upgrade access period:

Five years: additional USD 79.80 per installation

Three years: additional USD 39.90 per installation

Two years: additional USD 19.95 per installation

One year: included with each license free of charge

This is for access to new versions only. Licenses themselves do not expire, and you can use them permanently with versions for which you already have upgrade access. It is possible to extend upgrade access for your licenses later, through your License Overview.

Order a backup CD with SSH Server and Client installers. The installers on the CD may be out of date, and can be downloaded for free at any time from our website. This CD is useful only for customers who absolutely need a material shipment due to local workflow or regulations. Cost: USD 15 + shipping (depends on destination).

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When your order is processed, Cleverbridge will send a receipt to the billing address you provide in checkout, and activation information to the provided delivery address. If you receive an activation claim link as a reseller or a corporate buyer serving an internal customer, forward it to the end user.

For large-scale licenses, please contact us for an order or a quote.