Client - SetAppName


__cdecl FlowSshC_Client_SetAppName
  FlowSshC_Client* client,
  wchar_t const* appNameAndVersion);


[Client] void SetAppName(wchar_t const* appNameAndVersion);


[ClientBase] public void SetAppName(string appNameAndVersion);


  • [C] client: FlowSshC_Client pointer.
  • appNameAndVersion: A string containing your application's name and version.


Use SetAppName to specify the name and version of your application. You must specify this before attempting to connect to the server. The given appNameAndVersion is then used to build a client version string* as follows.
Client version string: "SSH-2.0-" + <FlowSshVersion> + " FlowSsh: " + <AppNameAndVersion>.

* Once a TCP connection has been established, both sides, the server and the client, must send a version string to each other. The server version string is reported to you through [Client]OnSshVersion.