Client - SetCompressionAlgs


__cdecl FlowSshC_Client_SetCompressionAlgs
  FlowSshC_Client* client,
  FlowSshC_CompressionAlgs const* algs);


[Client] void SetCompressionAlgs(CompressionAlgs const& algs);


[ClientBase] public void SetCompressionAlgs(CompressionAlgs algs);



SetCompressionAlgs allows you to configure compression algorithms for the session. Currently, the only compression algorithm defined by the SSH specification is "zlib". By default, "zlib" compression is disabled because in modern high-bandwidth environments, compression actually slows down the rate of file transfer instead of increasing it. If you have a connection that would benefit from compression, e.g. due to low bandwidth and because you are transferring highly-compressible data, enable the "zlib" algorithm. Note of course that even if you enable the "zlib" algorithm, it will not be used unless it is also enabled and supported at the SSH server. Calling SetCompressionAlgs has no effect on active clients past the initial key exchange.

You will normally not need to alter this option. If you do, it should be only for a clear reason.

[C/.NET] Passing a NULL/null algs parameter will load default values.