Client - SetHostKeyAlgs


__cdecl FlowSshC_Client_SetHostKeyAlgs
  FlowSshC_Client* client,
  FlowSshC_HostKeyAlgs const* algs);


[Client] void SetHostKeyAlgs(HostKeyAlgs const& algs);


[ClientBase] public void SetHostKeyAlgs(HostKeyAlgs algs);



FlowSshC/Cpp/Net supports the "ssh-rsa" and "ssh-dss" algorithms for SSH host authentication. Many SSH servers have host-keys for both algorithms; some have host-keys only for one of them. With SetHostKeyAlgs you can select which of the two algorithms you want to use, and if both, which one to prefer. Calling SetHostKeyAlgs has no effect on active clients past the initial key exchange.

By default, both host-key algorithms are enabled and "ssh-rsa" takes precedence. You will normally not need to alter this option. If you do, it should be only for a clear reason.

[C/.NET] Passing a NULL/null algs parameter will load default values.