Client - SetKeyExchangeAlgs


__cdecl FlowSshC_Client_SetKeyExchangeAlgs
  FlowSshC_Client* client,
  FlowSshC_KeyExchangeAlgs const* algs);


[Client] void SetKeyExchangeAlgs(KeyExchangeAlgs const& algs);


[ClientBase] public void SetKeyExchangeAlgs(KeyExchangeAlgs algs);



SetKeyExchangeAlgs allows you to enable and prioritize or disable various Diffie Hellman key exchange algorithms for the session. Calling SetKeyExchangeAlgs has no effect on active clients past the initial key exchange.

By default, all supported DH key exchange algorithms are enabled. You will normally not need to alter this option. If you do, it should be only for a clear reason.

[C/.NET] Passing a NULL/null algs parameter will load default values.