Client - SetObfuscation


__cdecl FlowSshC_Client_SetObfuscation(
  FlowSshC_Client* client,
  bool enable,
  wchar_t const* keyword);


[Client] void SetObfuscation(bool enable, wchar_t const* keyword);


[ClientBase] public void SetObfuscation(bool enable, string keyword);


  • [C] client: FlowSshC_Client pointer.
  • enable: Whether to enable SSH protocol obfuscation.
  • keyword: Optional obfuscation keyword. May be null, or an empty string, for no keyword.


If an SSH server is configured to use SSH protocol obfuscation, the client must configure identical obfuscation settings to those configured on the server in order to connect.

Bitvise SSH Server, SSH Client, and FlowSsh implement SSH protocol obfuscation as described by Bruce Leidl in obfuscated-openssh. Patches for OpenSSH are also available.