ListOp Enumeration


enum FlowSshC_ListOp
  FlowSshC_ListOp_Exception      = 0,
  FlowSshC_ListOp_ListDir        = 100,
  FlowSshC_ListOp_ChannelNotOpen = 150


public enum ListOp
  Exception      = 0,
  ListDir        = 100,
  ChannelNotOpen = 150


  • Exception: The error is a codeless error. [ListErr]ErrMsg might contain a description with more details.
  • ListDir: The error is a SFTP error. [ListErr]ErrCode contains a SftpErrCode enumeration.
  • ChannelNotOpen: Channel is closed, closing, or opening. [ListErr]ErrCode contains a SftpErrCode enumeration.


An enumeration used with the ListErr structure/class to specify its error type. It implicitly defines the meaning of the [ListErr]ErrCode member.