ProgressHandler Typedef


typedef void (__cdecl* FlowSshC_ProgressHandler)(
  void* handlerData,
  unsigned int taskState,
  unsigned int taskSpecificStep,
  wchar_t const* auxInfo);


  • handlerData: Data passed to the initiating call.
  • taskState: TaskState enumeration.
  • taskSpecificStep: May be a ConnectStep or ClientSftpChannelOpenStep enumeration. These steps are reported right before they are processed. *
  • auxInfo: Auxiliary info may be NULL. It mostly is NULL for [TaskState]InProgress and [TaskState]Completed states.


The ProgressHandler is used with a variety of FlowSshC calls to track their progress.
* TaskSpecificStep only makes sense for the [Client]Connect and [ClientSftpChannel]Open requests. For all other requests it is irrelevant (the value is zero or undefined) and should not be evaluated.