ReceiveHandler Typedef


typedef void (__cdecl* FlowSshC_ReceiveHandler)(
  void* handlerData,
  bool stdErr,
  unsigned char const* data,
  unsigned int dataBytes,
  bool eof);


  • handlerData: Data passed to the initiating call.
  • stdErr: Are we receiving data for the stdout or stderr stream?
  • data: Pointer to an array of type unsigned char (=byte) that contains the received data.
  • dataBytes: Number of bytes in the array.
  • eof: If eof=true (end-of-file), the server will send no more over this channel. The client usually just replies with an EOF of its own, although it could still send data to the server as long as the channel is open.


ReceiveHandler with all parameter set to zero (stdErr=false, data=NULL, dataBytes=0, eof=false) is called when the associated channel is or gets closed.