UserAuthHandler Typedef


typedef bool (__cdecl* FlowSshC_UserAuthHandler)(
  void* handlerData,
  FlowSshC_FurtherAuth* furtherAuth,
  FlowSshC_PasswordChange* passwordChange);


  • handlerData: Data passed to the initiating call.
  • furtherAuth: Pointer to a FurtherAuth.
  • passwordChange: Pointer to a PasswordChange.

Return Value

When doing FurtherAuth: Return false to stop user authentication and disconnect.
When doing PasswordChange: Return false to abort password change and continue with user authentication (most likely raising FurtherAuth in the process).


FurtherAuth and PasswordChange are always exclusive - one will be NULL.

FurtherAuth: Invoked if the server needs additional data, for instance a password or a keypair, to authenticate the user.
PasswordChange: If a password has expired, the server will usually request a new password from the user.