WaitImpl Class


public abstract class WaitImpl
  public abstract bool IsDisposed { get; }
  public bool IsDone { get; }
  public ManualResetEvent GetDoneEvent();
  public void WaitDone();
  public bool WaitDone(int millisecondsTimeout);



  • IsDisposed: Is the object disposed?
  • IsDone: Is the request completed? This is always true for inactive handler objects.
  • GetDoneEvent: Returns a ManualResetEvent that you can use for your synchronizations. The returned event gets signaled as soon as the request completes.
  • WaitDone: Wait until the request completes.
  • WaitDone: Wait until the request completes or until the specified millisecondsTimeout occurs.
    • millisecondsTimeout: Specifies the time-out interval, in milliseconds. The function returns if the interval elapses, even if the request did not complete.


WaitImpl is the base class for all handler objects. Its functionality comes in handy if you want to synchronize a request, or if you simply want to wait that a request completes.