Keypair - CreateNew


FlowSshC_Keypair* __cdecl FlowSshC_Keypair_CreateNew(
  wchar_t const* alg,
  unsigned int bitCount);


[Keypair] Keypair(
  wchar_t const* alg,
  unsigned int bitCount);


[Keypair] public Keypair(
  string alg,
  uint bitCount);


  • alg: Algorithm. Valid values are "ssh-rsa" (RSA Algorithm) and "ssh-dss" (Digital Signature Standard).
  • bitCount: The size of the key in bits. Standard values are 1024, 2048, 3072, and 4096 bits, whereas longer keys mean better security. Generally, keys shorter than 1024 bits are considered insecure and should be avoided.

[C] Return Value

A pointer to the created FlowSshC_Keypair.


Creates a new keypair as specified by alg and bitCount.