ExitSignal Structure/Class


struct FlowSshC_ExitSignal
  wchar_t const* m_name;
  bool m_coreDumped;
  wchar_t const* m_errMsg;


[ClientSessionChannel] struct ExitSignal
  std::wstring m_name;
  bool m_coreDumped;
  std::wstring m_errMsg;


public sealed class ExitSignal
  public string Name;
  public bool CoreDumped;
  public string ErrMsg;


  • Name: Signal name. Standard POSIX signal names are: ABRT, ALRM, FPE, HUP, ILL, INT, KILL, PIPE, QUIT, SEGV, TERM, USR1, USR2 (all without the SIG prefix).
  • CoreDumped: Whether a core dump has occurred or not. If true, the remote application terminated due to a fatal error.
  • ErrMsg: Additional textual explanation of the error message. This message might contain multiple lines separated by CFLR pairs.


Contains information about the exit signal that caused the remote application to terminate.

[C] The exit signal is reported by the FlowSshC_ExitHandler.
[C++/.NET] The exit signal is reported by the [Client]OnExitSignal handler.