ClientSessionChannel - Receive


__cdecl FlowSshC_ClientSessionChannel_Receive(
  FlowSshC_ClientSessionChannel* channel,
  unsigned int maxBytes,
  FlowSshC_ReceiveHandler handler,
  void* handlerData);


[ClientSessionChannel] void Receive(
  unsigned int maxBytes,
  RefPtr<ReceiveHandler> const& receive);

ClientSessionChannel] void Receive(
  RefPtr<ReceiveHandler> const& receive
  unsigned int maxBytes = 32*1024);


[ClientSessionChannel] public void Receive(
  uint maxBytes,
  ReceiveHandler receive);

ClientSessionChannel] public void Receive(
  ReceiveHandler receive);   // maxBytes = 32*1024


  • [C] channel: FlowSshC_ClientSessionChannel pointer.
  • [C] handler: A ReceiveHandler function to be used with the request. Required.
  • [C] handlerData: An application-defined value to be passed to the handler. Optional.
  • maxBytes: The maximum number of bytes to receive.
  • [C++/.NET] receive: A ReceiveHandler object to be used with the request. Required.


Initiates a receive operation. The registered handler is invoked as soon as new data arrives.