ClientSessionChannel - Signal


__cdecl FlowSshC_ClientSessionChannel_Signal(
  FlowSshC_ClientSessionChannel* channel,
  wchar_t const* signalName,
  FlowSshC_ProgressHandler handler,
  void* handlerData);


[ClientSessionChannel] void Signal(
  wchar_t const* signalName,
  RefPtr<ProgressHandler> const& progress);


[ClientSessionChannel] public void Signal(
  string signalName,
  ProgressHandler progress);


  • [C] channel: FlowSshC_ClientSessionChannel pointer.
  • [C] handler: A ProgressHandler function to be used with the request. Optional.
  • [C] handlerData: An application-defined value to be passed to the handler. Optional.
  • signalName: Signal name. Standard POSIX signal names are: ABRT, ALRM, FPE, HUP, ILL, INT, KILL, PIPE, QUIT, SEGV, TERM, USR1, USR2 (all without the SIG prefix).
  • [C++/.NET] progress: A ProgressHandler object to be used with the request. Optional.


Sends a signal to the server.

There are two ways to send the Ctrl+C signal: either by sending a 0x03 data byte or by issuing the INT signal. Bitvise SSH Server will also accept the custom (Ctrl+Break) signal.