Download Bitvise SSH Server Remote Control Panel

WRC is an add-on for the Bitvise SSH Client (Tunnelier) that allows clients (versions 4.29 and newer) to remotely administer Bitvise SSH Server (5.06 and higher) directly through the Client user interface.

Each WRC version supports a specific range of SSH Server versions. Multiple WRC add-ons can be downloaded and installed concurrently, so that the same version of the SSH Client can be used to administer distinct SSH Server versions.

An alternate way of remotely administering Bitvise SSH Server that does not require WRC is to log into the server using Remote Desktop - e.g. using our SSH Client's "Open New Remote Desktop" button. The WRC is slightly more convenient, and suitable if Remote Desktop is not available.

The following WRC versions are available:

  • WRC 6.22 (1.9 MB, c:1c08): For use with Bitvise SSH Server 6.22 and newer.
  • WRC 6.21 (1.9 MB, c:dfae): For use with Bitvise SSH Server 6.21.
  • WRC 6.04 (1.8 MB, c:6931): For use with Bitvise SSH Server 6.04 through 6.07.
  • WRC 6.03 (1.7 MB, c:6814): For use with Bitvise SSH Server 6.03.
  • WRC 6.01 (1.7 MB, c:6706): For use with Bitvise SSH Server 6.01 and 6.02.
  • WRC 5.50 (1.7 MB, c:6710): For use with Bitvise SSH Server 5.50 through 5.60.
  • WRC 5.22 (1.6 MB, c:4724): For use with WinSSHD 5.22 through 5.26.
  • WRC 5.18 (1.6 MB, c:4289): For use with WinSSHD 5.18 through 5.21.
  • WRC 5.11 (1.6 MB, c:4204): For use with WinSSHD 5.11 through 5.17.
  • WRC 5.06 (1.5 MB, c:4200): For use with WinSSHD 5.06 through 5.10.

Older versions

WRC add-ons do not work with SSH Client versions older than 4.29. No WRC add-on supports Bitvise SSH Server versions older than 5.06.

Bitvise SSH Server versions 4.xx and earlier require a matching version of Bitvise SSH Client in order to use the Remote Control Panel feature.

Bitvise SSH Server versions 5.00 through 5.05 do not support the Remote Control feature at all.